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Wave Therapy

Rediscover a youthful appearance that will have you enchanted with your reflection in the mirror using wave therapy.

Wave Therapy is a highly demanded treatment by men and women for its consistent results in restoring youthful skin. As one of the most rapidly growing frontiers of facial tightening, there are two options: Non-Surgical and Ultra-Non-Surgical.

Scientifically proven for its trustworthy process, it is known to be one of the safest, most effective, and long-lasting methods for facial tightening.

Non-Surgical Facelift

You don’t have to wish upon a star or find a magic genie to have the impeccable skin you so deeply desire.

You can eliminate slack skin, impurities, and wrinkles while reducing dark eye rings, eye bags, and crow’s feet with RF Therapy. It’s the ultimate method of tightening skin pores to allow your face to rebuild collagen and elastin so you can reshape your facial contours and flaunt absolutely flawless skin. 

Classic RF Therapy, also known as radiofrequency skin tightening, is a nonsurgical method.

By stimulating collagen production with Super-Pulse technology that uses energy waves, the skin is rejuvenated, wrinkles are reduced, and skin elasticity is strengthened. 

It is also an effective method of promoting tissue metabolism, minimizing the normal effects of aging, and enhancing your features allowing you to authentically reveal more of your personality through your facial expressions. 

This non-surgical facelift is a thorough skin-deep process using RF energy to powerfully penetrate the skin without causing any damage. Essentially, it stimulates the body’s natural response to regenerate and rejuvenate cells through energy waves by heating the deeper layers of your skin known as your dermis. The heat boosts the production of collagen and is an ideal solution to rebuild and remodel your elastin. It accelerates cell reproduction to restore and re-texturize your skin, showcasing an instant tightness to your face.  

Classic RF Therapy is popular and well-suited for both men and women. Treatment is recommended as a preventative for those aged 25-30 (one treatment every 6 weeks +-). For those with pre-mature skin (aged 35 above), a course of facial treatments is best. Thanks to the effectiveness of this procedure, the post-treatment healing time is short and not too intense. Few people experience mild redness after the procedure, but this is always relatively short-lived allowing them to resume their skincare routine and return to work and other day-to-day activities shortly after their treatment.

Benefits & Features

  • Promotes Tissue Metabolism
  • Reduces & Prevents Wrinkles
  • Tightens & Strengthens Skin Elasticity
  • Minimizes The Effects of Aging
  • Enhances Your Facial Features

Ultra-Non-Surgical Facelift

Tired of sagging skin that is weighing you down and affecting your self-esteem?
Then it’s time to invest in a non-invasive treatment option that will make you look years younger and amplify your confidence!

We understand that aging is a natural process that is difficult to accept which is why we love to reduce the effects of aging for you with this safe and non-invasive treatment. Invest in aesthetic care and enjoy the incredible benefits of rejuvenated youthfulness. 

Introducing Micro Ultra-Therapy, an ideal restorative for sagging skin (especially on the chin and down to neck area), loose muscle, compromised collagen, weakened elasticity, and deep wrinkles as it immensely improve skin texture. It is also a highly effective preventative measure to maintain a youthful appearance and reduce the need for extensive cosmetic surgery in the future.

The super-focused Ultrasound energy intensely stimulates collagen at the deepest layer near the facial muscles to tighten and lift loose skin and muscle.

By stimulating collagen production and elastic tissue in the skin and underlying muscle, you are left with firmer skin and stronger muscle tissue. It’s a highly effective treatment to treat not only the face but also loose neck skin or what is known as “turkey neck”.

This Ultra Non-Surgical Facelift is deeply focused on the superficial dell dermis and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). By using a high-level sound wave technology (2MHz to 10MHz), the frequencies penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, enabling both water and fat-soluble active substances to enter the surface easily, and in turn allowing your skin absorption to become 10X faster! The focused ultrasound is utilized in this particular procedure to aid in creating a thermal effect below the skin. By causing the muscles to contract and shrink, the results are noticeable aesthetic enhancements including firmer skin, smoother wrinkles and a contouring effect that does not require cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

The exact amount of time spent on treatment varies depending on which areas are being treated. A standard procedure generally takes an average of 30 minutes, however, a more intense treatment can last up to 180 minutes depending on how deeply the skin will be penetrated. Micro Ultra-Therapy is so effective that it only needs to be done once every 24 months but can last even longer than that.

Ultrasound has been used in advanced medicine for more than 50 years, safely and with groundbreaking results. 

It’s a progressive skincare procedure that produces exceptional results to strengthen existing collagen while revitalizing the production of new collagen so that skin is noticeably tighter and admirably smoother. Another great aspect of this procedure is that while it depends on the individual, normally there is no downtime required. You are conveniently able to continue with your normal skincare and makeup routines immediately following your treatment. 

Maximum results are typically apparent within 3-6 months after treatment since collagen takes time to reproduce. And to maintain the results once visible, We offer a follow-up service called The Touch-up Treatment that sustains your smooth finish. 

But at Tosia, we are committed to indulging you in the best experience possible which is why we provide a complete Micro Ultra-Therapy to include a follow-up Touch-up treatment.

Benefits & Features

  • Firmer Skin
  • Fewer Wrinkles
  • Improved Confidence
  • Tighter Muscle Tissue
  • Minimizes The Effects of Aging

Benefits & Features

  • Reduces as much as 2cm-3inches after one treatment*
  • Drains the Lymphatic System
  • Stimulates the Growth of Collagen
  • Contours Body and Reduces Cellulite
  • Improves Skin’s Overall Appearance

Body Contouring

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just tell your fat to melt away?
Well, here’s a programme that allows you to do that!

We believe that you should walk through life like you’re owning a catwalk! If you haven’t been feeling at home in your own skin then it’s time to rediscover a sense of self-love and body positivity that will change your life.

If you’re ready to build a healthy lifestyle, then you are already halfway there! Our Contouring Treatment is not weight management, it’s a Fat Burning Programme designed to speed up your results!

The Contouring Treatment works hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle and is hyper-focused on burning fat part by part. It’s a powerful body slimming treatment that gets results from the first session. It works by shrinking and killing fat cells in the body. These fat cells are finally removed through the body’s natural expulsion process. In fact, this is one of the signature treatments that we have become known for. We have proudly achieved up to 2cm to 3inches reduction in the size of treated areas in the first session.*

RF, Super-Pulse Technology, and infrared with unique sliding skill method used to enhance the treatment efficacy. The combination of high-end technologies works together to create a non-invasive treatment that beautifully and almost magically contours your body while reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Not only do you look amazing but you can also enjoy an increase in your metabolic rate and an instant reduction of fat accumulation and the appearance of cellulite through lymphatic drainage. 

Additionally, the treatment increases the skin tissue’s elasticity enhancing the skin to be more silky smooth and delightfully delicate. By draining out the lymphatic system, the growth of new collagen and elastin is promoted creating a visibly overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

Vacuum technology and Super-Pulse technology are used to penetrate your skin while infrared light and radiofrequency energies gently heat fat cells and surrounding tissue. These technologies are the masterminds behind you being able to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well-shaped body. The entire body can be treated, including the neck/double chin area, arms, thighs, buttocks, flank, and abdomen. It’s an amazing tool to decrease subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdomen and thighs where the excess molecules can be most stubborn, no matter what diet control or exercise you have tried.

Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment

Ready for the glow-up of a lifetime?
Transform yourself into the goddess you are destined to be with a treatment that results in irresistibly radiant and velvety-soft skin.

The highly sought-after Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment is encapsulated in an intelligent structure that harnesses the perfect combination of products and equipment to achieve incredible results.

If you are looking for a complete face renewal that smooths the skin, rebuilds and remodels collagen, promotes the pores to be fine, and relaxes the facial muscles – then this treatment is the ideal remedy for you!

It penetrates and enhances the deep absorption of the nutrients of the products used allowing for anti-aging properties and moisturizing effects to be amplified while rejuvenating the face to achieve firm, moist and glowing skin.

Our Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment is a go-to solution for many of the common beauty issues individuals experience such as large pores, wrinkles, breakouts, and thinning skin.

It works by using a system of vortex swirling action that delivers hydration and removes dead skin, dirt, debris, and impurities while deep cleaning and pleasantly soothing your skin. Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment is far less invasive and less uncomfortable, effective than traditional extractions. The treatment is quick in drawing out the impurities that our skin’s pores get clogged with.

The non-invasive nature along with the trusted results of this treatment makes it suitable for most individuals, including both teens and adults. Unlike traditional facial treatments that can have different effects depending on your skin type and aesthetician, the Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment provides a consistent outcome. Most of the treatment is automatically controlled by the HydraFacial technology, allowing for a high-quality treatment that can be used on all skin types and a favorable result can be expected every time. 

A standard Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment takes on average 30 minutes and the effects are seen instantly!

The treatment is customizable and we will advise on the most appropriate option for you based on an evaluation of your Current-Skin-Conditions. Immediate results. We highly recommend this secret magic trick before weddings or big events for a luminous, healthy, and shining glow! 

Most standard Hydrafacial treatments recommend the treatment every 2 weeks, however, our Hydra-Cleans Beauty Treatment can be done every 4 weeks as it is so effective.

A standard start with an A-la-carte: Express cleans treatment, average 30mins completed with a skin-deep hydration care.

Known for its three-step process, the Express cleans treatment deep-cleans, exfoliates, and deeply hydrates your skin with boosters. Eliminate blackheads, clogged pores, and instantly brighten and moisten the skin. A basic and important one to start with since this professional procedure is likely to amplify treatment and prevention of a variety of skin conditions, including acne, dryness, and wrinkles. 

Benefits & Features

  • Smooths & Renews the Skin
  • Tightens Pores & Firms Skin
  • Builds Collagen & Reduces Aging
  • Increases Overall Moisturization & Glow
  • Enhances Deep Absorption of Products





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