Our Story

Come and explore a self-care secret that will have you saying je’taime to the sultry reflection staring back at you in the mirror.

Life is constantly shifting and we want to support you through every new season and every next step with the silky-soft sensations and satin cream texture of our Tosia touch.

We believe self-love gives you the confidence to express the elegance of your true essence and has the power to transform your life. That’s why we’ve created skincare experiences specially formulated to lead you on a path of deepening the connection with yourself.

To us, it’s not just about getting you that glow, it’s about inspiring you to embrace every day as a doorway to discovering who you really are and what is truly meaningful to you.

Our Phylosophy


Empowering the feminine to discover the art of self-love with luxury elixirs that make them bloom from within, leaving petals on their skin and a rose fragrance following their presence.


Personalized products that honor your uniqueness and inspire you to master life by staying dedicated to your deepest desires and never giving up.


We believe in crafting products that nourish the layers of who you are beneath your skin.

Behind the Brand

Tosia was founded on far more than a pursuit of profit or the expansion of products. We birthed this brand to honor all the women in our world who are exemplary of the power that lies in our feminine essence.

We wanted to capture the delicate art of womanhood and how modern goddesses have discovered a magical way of balancing the duality needed to bloom in today’s world. To be a woman is to dance with the diversity of life. Floating from the softness to the boldness found in the spheres of femininity.

To all the women who are weaving their strength into the tapestry of everyday life – this is for you. To the warriors who are fighting for their lives, the superhero moms raising a family, the housewives who move mountains behind the scenes, the career-driven corporate women chasing big dreams, and the independent ladies doing it all on their own.

Why Tosia?

The name, Tosia, is derived from a Greek philosophy that translates into whispers of love. We believe love is the most powerful force on earth which is why we have bottled elegance and tenderness into bottles that will make your moments alone a self-love sanctuary of peace and restoration.

You can trust us to honor your uniqueness, inside and out. We want you to be proud of who you are so you can walk through life as a role model to the next generation of what it means to be your best self.