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If you are looking for a complete rejuvenation of your face that smoothens your skin, rebuilds collagen, improves the condition of your pores and relaxes your facial muscles then these treatments are a perfect fit for you.

These high-end treatments are suitable for all skin types and work consistently. You’ll be able to improve such conditions as ageing or thin skin, blocked or congested skin, ethnic skin, acne, pigmentation, dull skin as well as dry or oily skin.

By using Tosia®️ products in every treatment we provide a high degree of anti-oxidant protection for your skin with every single procedure.

While most facial treatments are recommended to be performed every 2 weeks or even more often, our beauty treatments are so effective that every 4-6 weeks or even less frequently is suitable for most users.

All our treatments are performed using medical-grade machinery thus reaching deeper layers of your skin and muscle. This depth is impossible to reach when performing treatments manually.

Your skin goals are our priority!

Tosia®️ Express Beauty Cleanse

30-45 minutes

Most popular consumer choice

With this deep-layer skin-cleaning procedure you can achieve refreshed and younger skin.
Suitable for skin that is congested, oily, dry, dull, with uneven skin tone or has a rough texture.

  • Boost the metabolism of your skin
  • Rejuvenate and reboot your skin

Here’s how it works:

By penetrating the deepest layers of skin, the procedure enhances the absorption of nutrients from the skincare products you use thus rejuvenating your skin and assisting you in reaching your skincare goals.

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Bohr Treatment

10 minutes

The treatment can be tailored to combat different skin imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, the roughness of the skin or skin pigmentation.

It can be used on the face, neck or even on the body.

Here’s how it works:

We can achieve different skin improvements by transporting oxygen to different cells in your body.

Special Offer for First-Time Clients Only:

More Treatments on the House: Bring your bestie, pay only RM119 for each and get Relaxing Eye Treatment (value: RM129. ~25 minutes).


60 minutes

Are you spending a lot of time around computers or phones? Feeling tension in your shoulders or neck?

Meta-Boost will assist in releasing your body tension through lymphatic drainage, relaxing your muscles and improving the blood flow in the skin.

Special Offer for First-Time Clients Only:

2 for 1: Bring your bestie and get treatment worth RM389 on the house.